WebCenter is an Oracle suite of products that offers the most extensive portfolio in content management, web experience management, portal, and collaboration technologies.

WebCenter Content

  • Offers connectors to popular applications, file systems, and databases to unify content into a single repository.
  • Manage and contribute content from common business applications such as Microsoft Office, any web browser, file explorer on the local file system.
  • Search for and locate content easily by attributes (metadata).

WebCenter Enterprise Capture

  • Capture documents automatically from multiple sources including scanners, email, etc., and contribute them to endpoints.

WebCenter Imaging

  • Preview captured content, run custom queries to locate content.
  • Initiate BPEL workflow.

WebCenter Forms Recognition

  • Analyze, recognize, and categorize any document type.
  • Accounts Payable automation with line-item table extraction.

WebCenter Portal

  • Easily create transactional, knowledge, community, or self-service portals with a large selection of page styles and layouts.
  • Mobile friendly.

WebCenter Sites

  • Assemble and publish sites from predefined building blocks using mobile and traditional page layouts. Easily edit and add images, videos, articles, and external media directly to the site layout.
  • Predictive and segment-based customer targeting.
  • Optimize site engagement by analyzing website performance down to the individual asset level.
  • REST-based services for third-party application integration.
  • Granular control over caching.
  • Multiple integrations with systems such as Oracle Content and Experience for assets, CX integrations for marketing applications, share visitor data from CRM and other systems via REST APIs.

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