What is FatWire?

FatWire is a J2EE-based web content and experience management software. It allows organizations to manage, deploy, and stage content along with deploying an entire website. The product also includes web service APIs for the development of dynamic personalized sites in JSP and ASP.NET.

The FatWire Product Suite Includes:

  • FatWire Content Server
    • Manage content with easy-to-use interfaces, content editing, and drag-and-drop page editing.
    • High-speed dynamic delivery of content along with multi-lingual support.
    • Organize and manage large volumes of content with tools for managing complex hierarchies.
    • Supports high-volume enterprise deployments, highly scalable, complex security and access control model.
  • FatWire TeamUp
    • Allows organizations to improve the productivity of internal creative teams by providing an interactive platform with customers and stakeholders.
  • FatWire Analytics
    • Offers tracking and reporting on individual assets.
    • Works with FatWire Content Server and FatWire engage to enable real-time tracking and optimization.
  • FatWire Engage
    • Set up and manage targeted online campaigns.
  • FatWire Community Server
    • Implement social features on any piece of your website such as blogs and comments.
  • FatWire Gadget Server
    • Gadgets are small applications that can be placed on websites to provide a specific function or type of information and can be personalized on a per-user basis. Allows users to customize their web experience and be delivered content that adapts to how their interests change.
  • FatWire Mobility Server
    • Allows for organizations to easily deploy their web content to thousands of mobile devices.
  • FatWire Content Integration Platform
    • Allows organizations to easily access stored content across the business, publishing it to multiple platforms.

FatWire was acquired in 2011 by Oracle and eventually rebranded as WebCenter Sites in their WebCenter product line.

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