WebCenter Sites

Build your website content without the demand for coding knowledge. WebCenter Sites automatically converts your content into a fully-functional webpage.

Publishing becomes a breeze with WebCenter Sites’ innovative features:

Drag-and-drop User Interface – Add essential sections and widgets easily with presets that every webpage needs.

Automatic Content Conversion – WebCenter Sites automatically converts content into code stored in your database for use once a visitor requests the content.

Simplified link-building – Create strong backlinks for better website visibility.

Ready-to-use widgets – No need to worry about using the right code with fool-proof widgets.

We are here to help you take your website to the next level with our industry-standard services:

•  New implementations of WebCenter Sites

•  In place and side-by-side upgrades from 10g and 11g to 12c.

•  Creating WebCenter Sites templates based on client requirements

•  Designing and developing an asset data model and a rendering model

•  Performing content integrations and migrations using the Bulk Loader Utility

•  Implementing a caching strategy utilizing WebCenter Sites Satellite Servers

•  Configuring the WebCenter Content Connector for WebCenter Sites

•  Configuring Site Replication

•  Administrating Community and Gadgets servers

•  Implementing the WebCenter Sites mobile delivery features

Share your content with the world with WebCenter Sites’ user-friendly website builder today. Schedule an appointment with Inspired ECM to get started

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