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Considering the Cloud?

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Communicating business matters on Intranet communication platforms can be quite distracting for teams. With WebCenter Portal, you will have a dedicated medium of interaction that is built specifically for your organization.

WebCenter Portal can work wonders for your organization with the following features:

Context-specific Social Network – By making a dedicated space for “shop talk”, the Intranet is a safe space for sharing ideas aimed directly for your business.

Limitless Personalization – Team members that fill specific roles for the business, ranging from administration to sales, can easily adjust their interface to see content they need or want to see first.

Seamless Integration – Access WebCenter Portal anywhere on any device with its mobile-enabled functionality.

Collaborative Atmosphere – With an optimized user experience that enhances company and encourages uninterrupted collaboration efforts, WebCenter Portal makes social networking a key to productivity.

Our experienced Oracle consultants assist our global clients with the following challenges:

  • Ground-up implementation of WebCenter Portal

  • In place and side-by-side upgrades from 10g and 11g to 12c

  • Guiding clients’ migrating custom portal applications to WebCenter Portal

  • Integrating WebCenter Portal with WebCenter Content and other Oracle applications

  • Integrating WebCenter Portal with Secure Enterprise Search and Elastic Search

  • Integrating WebCenter Portal with Oracle Identity Management

  • Configuring WebCenter Portal Analytics

  • Implementing an Oracle certified and supported Portal environment

Provide a platform for effective social networking with WebCenter Portal. Schedule an appointment with Inspired ECM to take the next step.

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