WebCenter Enterprise Capture – Common Commit Related Errors

It is quite a common scenario to see users and administrators who are unable to find content items that have been scanned or emailed into Oracle Enterprise Capture and committed to WebCenter Content.

This can be attributed to the following reasons.

Content metadata passed from Oracle Webcenter Enterprise Capture (WEC) is not a match for the metadata model of WebCenter Content (WCC)

WCC has a set of the metadata required for all content that is going to be checked-in. By default, there is: ‘DocumentType’, ‘Author’, and Security Group. These fields are required for a successful check-in from WEC.

WEC may set metadata using either default values, values indexed by users, values derived from scripts, and values pre-populated in the commit processor.

In case that the required values are not set by any of these mechanisms then the batch will show as committed in the Capture client but will not be successfully checked into WCC.

If this is the case we can check the capture_server1-diagnostic.log file which may have an error listed similar to this one:

oracle.stellent.ridc.protocol.ServiceException: Content item ‘ ‘ was not successfully checked in: A content type must be entered

The above error is for a scenario where the ‘Content-Type’ is not set with the batch. The error would list the actual field according to the WCC fields which are set to required but are not being passed by WEC.

Content Failing Conversion

Content that is set for conversion (i.e. TIF to PDF) within WEC can possibly fail if the Font Path is not specified (Primarily on Linux systems):

Error message : oracle.odc.exception.CommitException: The font path is not specified.

This error is generally seen when the Font Path for the conversion process is not set for WEC. When content items are set to be committed into WCC, the outside-in (OIT) engine is unable to locate the set of fonts libraries and will fail.

The location to set the font libraries is as follows:

1. Navigate to EM console and select WebCenter >content >capture.
2. Right-click capture_server1 > Configuration.
3. There the GD Font Path attribute is listed. Enter the path to the font files.
4. Update.

Connectivity issues between WEC and WCC

While testing a commit from WEC to WCC some of the files end up not being committed into WCC. The WEC UI shows no errors.

In this case, check the capture_server1-diagnostic.log file to verify that there is no connection refused errors to WCC.

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