WebCenter Enterprise Capture Client – Unable to cache bundle file


After using the Capture client to connect to both WebCenter Enterprise Capture and environments an error message is shown ‘Unable to cache bundle file’ on the client. If you select okay you can continue to use the capture client.


Whenever the caching error is reported in the Capture client, it denotes a mismatch of the bundle versions installed on the client workstation versus the expected bundle version listed in the server-side database. In order to resolve this error it’s recommended to delete the bundle version in Enterprise Manager.

This can be accomplished by performing the following change in Enterprise Manager:

  1. Sign into Enterprise Manager as the ‘weblogic’ user.
  2. Navigate to WebCenter > Content > Capture
  3. Right click on capture (capture_server1)
  4. From the popup menu, select Configure > Bundle Manager
  5. Check the checkbox next to ‘oracle.dc.oitexport.native-win-x86-32’.
  6. Click the Delete selected bundles button
  7. Then click the Scan for Client Bundles button above the Delete Client Bundles list.

Restart the Capture Client and see if you still receive the error.