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Learn More About WebCenter Content

Whether your organization is new to the Oracle’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite or is looking to migrate your system there, let Inspired ECM go through the trouble of providing you a successful WebCenter Content implementation.


Why Choose WebCenter Content?

Unlike shared drive programs, WebCenter Content provides a streamlined workflow for your teams to collaborate efficiently without the hassle of keeping records up-to-date. 


Here’s what WebCenter Content can do for your team:

  • Cloud-based Storage – Access content anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection

  • Manage Projects with Workflows – Assign and review or accept or reject content while keeping a bird’s eye view of the big picture

  • Maintain Standards with Digital Asset Management – WebCenter Content can pinpoint inconsistencies in a project’s assets such as logos, legal documents, and file formats to ensure the content published adheres to a level of quality and seamlessness

  • Records Management – Set schedules to automatically delete unnecessary information in your repository or set a freeze time to prevent any deletion of important files

  • Dynamic Converter – Clients may require different formats for the same content. WebCenter Content is your one-stop source for converting files in any format ready for use and publication

Throughout the years, we have provided clients with the best services for different situations:


  • Ground-up WebCenter Content Implementation

  • In place and side-by-side upgrades from 10g and 11g to 12c 

  • Content Migration from another vendor’s content management system

  • Creation of a Content Management Taxonomy and Security Model

  • Integrating an on-prem WebCenter Content application with the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

  • Migrating content from File Systems, Sharepoint, FileNet, or Documentum to WebCenter Content

  • Performing content and taxonomy migrations between WebCenter Content environments

Supercharge your business with an Inspired ECM Consultation for a WebCenter Content implementation.

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