WebCenter Content and Elasticsearch! The Perfect Combination!

The July patch for WebCenter Content has been released and with it some exciting new features for WebCenter Content.   WebCenter Content Indexing can now be integrated directly with Elasticsearch offering some great features and performance benefits:

•  An Indexer collection rebuild now takes a fraction of the time it would take for OracleTextSearch or Database Full Text to rebuild.   If your organization has been putting off a collection rebuild fearing it may take weeks or even months to complete, then Elasticsearch may offer the solution.

•  Elasticsearch, when run on different hardware offers the ability to offload indexing processes that would currently be run in the WebCenter environment.  This can give customers many performance benefits.

•  Externalizing the WCC search collection using Elasticsearch can provide a great integration point for third-party applications.

•  Elasticsearch can provide the indexing layer to integrate many WCC or ECM systems together allowing users the ability to search across ECM applications with ease.  At Inspired ECM we have created custom applications and dashboards that can search across many Elasticsearch Indexes.

Is your organization currently considering the many benefits of integrating Elasticsearch and WCC? If so please contact us for more details on how we can help with upgrading your WebCenter environment to the latest version,, and implementing Elasticsearch.