Using Kibana to Optimize WebCenter Content’s Integration with Elasticsearch

For an Overview of the Integration Between WCC and Elasticsearch:

What is Kibana?—

Monitoring for Elasticsearch is done through its browser-based software, Kibana. Kibana is an application that runs queries against Elasticsearch in order to generate data. This data can then be easily turned into rich and intuitive graphs, pie charts, etc. to give an easy-to-consume overview of how your Elasticsearch environment is being used. These queries and charts can be compiled into dashboards to allow for quick user consumption of large amounts of data. Additionally, in the integration between WebCenter Content and Elasticsearch, Kibana offers over a dozen metrics applicable for your WebCenter environment that can be turned into rich graphics.

A preview of Kibana can be found here

How to Optimize Your Environment with Kibana—

Kibana gives insight into how your WebCenter Content instance is being utilized. Are users contributing or consuming more and more documents? What are the peak usage times? Which Elasticsearch indices are being utilized the most?

The wealth of information provided by Kibana is invaluable to system administrators, who can use this information to optimize WebCenter Content for your organizations indexing demands.

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