The Oracle Content and Experience Cloud: What’s New in, and More

Oracle Content and Experience (OCE) is known for driving consistent, multichannel experiences with a market-first approach. The smart authoring platform and API-first aim separates content delivery from content creation, helping all users to reduce time to market and complexity across the entire organization. Naturally, this kind of tool is saving companies time, money, and frustration, which is why Oracle Cloud is working feverishly to update OCE and offer even more options to users in real-time.

So, what’s the latest with OCE, and other platform features? We’re glad you asked!

Repository Updates

  • Search, Filter, and Sort Assets: Now you can search for assets much like you would regular files and folders. You can also filter assets to focus the search, so you can minimize the time it takes you to locate the item in question. Search can occur from the search box in the banner, from the Assets page, and from within a collection.
  • Use Multiple Assets from Multiple Repositories: If you want to give a site access to a repository, beyond the default repository it is currently working with, you can add the site’s publishing channel to the repository you are working with.
  • Convert Legacy Repositories: You can now convert legacy repositories or digital assets to support new custom assets. Note: repositories created before February 2021 don’t support digital asset types. So, when you convert a repository, each digital asset in that repository will be converted to use one of the seeded digital asset types, saved as a new version. How amazing is that?

Development Updates

  • WordPress Content Connector: Once your WordPress content connector is set up, you can now connect the website and pull the required content from OCE into it. Once it’s configured, it is now available in the asset repository for OCE users to important content. Talk about a streamlined approach!
  • Headless Blog Samples, Gallery Sample, and Minimal Site Sample: All available in React.
  • Custom Controller File Samples: Available for the following – changing the Site Prefix, customizing the Wait Graphic, customizing Favicons, prefetching JavaScript files, verifying site ownership with additional markups, and augmenting device detection.

Uncategorized Updates

  • One-Step Content Approval: Now you can approve content and publish your workflow seamlessly. How does it work? The author submits a draft for review and then the reviewer can approve, reject, or ask about changes. If there are changes needed, they can be made instantly and re-submitted so the workflow process continues. Once done, OCE publishes the content (after it’s verified).
  • Review Content That’s Not Published: Content metrics now show assets that have been reviewed but not necessarily published.
  • Samples Now Reside in the Oracle Help Center: Lastly, samples are no longer in the Developing with Oracle Content and Experience as a Headless CMS. They are on the Samples page with the Oracle Help Center.

OCE is constantly changing and updating to bring users the most agile features. Read along with us here to stay abreast on all new tools and resources!