In February, Oracle held an official webinar outlining their planned development efforts (and recent releases) within the WebCenter Content sphere. In this blog, we will be looking into the most recent WebCenter updates, and updates that will follow in the future.

What Customers are Looking for in WebCenter in terms of features—

  • Easy lift and shift to the cloud
  • Better performance with scalability and manageability
  • Ability to manage large document sets (content items in millions/billions)
  • More integration options
  • OCR capabilities and auto-indexing
  • Better UI and collaboration capabilities

The Direction WebCenter Content is heading in Based on Feedback from the user community—

  • Core product improvements
  • Inter-op with cloud
  • Management ease

What is New in 2020/2021—

ProductItemDo we have a blog about it?
WebCenter ContentElasticsearch
WebCenter ContentDesktop Client for WCC Admin Applets
All WebCenterTDE Database Encryption
WebCenter Enterprise CaptureOffice 365 Support for Capture via OAuth
WebCenter Forms RecognitionNew WFR AP Packaged Projects. Manage projects on a database for additional security and multi-tenant support.
All WebCenterSupport for Oracle Autonomous Database in cloud
All WebCenterSAML Based SSO (Oracle IDCS)
WebCenter ContentWebCenter Content Docker Image


WebCenter ContentKubernetes based image for better manageability
WebCenter ContentAuto-scaling of WebCenter Content Kubernetes environment
WebCenter ContentElasticsearch new features: Metadata mappingStop wordsScoring and relevance
WebCenter ContentRest API Support for better integration
WebCenter ContentNew Archiver for Framework folder migration
WebCenter Forms RecognitionImporting of documents through Rest API
WebCenter Forms RecognitionDatabase 19c support
WebCenter ImagingNew Imaging Interface – No applet dependency – Unified viewer
WebCenter ImagingDashboard/Report for AP Solutions Accelerator
WebCenter Enterprise CaptureEmail import support of OAuth for Gmail
WebCenter Enterprise CaptureImprovement on barcode recognition in Linux
WebCenter Enterprise CaptureE-Invoicing – XML-based invoice processing
WebCenter Enterprise CaptureImport from WCC Archiver – Migration

To be Released—

WebCenter ContentSupport OCI object storage for unlimited storage
WebCenter ContentSupport for very large dID
WebCenter ContentRemove upload/download applet dependency
WebCenter ContentHybrid or complete migrations to OCE
WebCenter ContentQuarterly bundle patches addressing fixes and enhancement requests
WebCenter ContentWebCenter Content in the marketplace – One-click instance creation
WebCenter Forms RecognitionNew WebCenter Forms recognition with better OCR and extraction capabilities
WebCenter Forms RecognitionSupporting capability to work with Capture cloud
WebCenter ImagingOptions to re-arrange the order of the fields
WebCenter ImagingComplete AP invoice solution in the cloud as PaaS
WebCenter Enterprise CaptureArabic language OCR support
WebCenter Enterprise CaptureEnhancing e-invoicing capability

Ultimately, all of these updates are leading up to the next major release of WebCenter Content (14c), which is anticipated to launch in mid to late 2022.

Stay tuned with our blogs here at Inspired ECM, where we will keep you up to date on the most recent WebCenter developments. Is your organization interested in any these new features? Contact Inspired ECM to learn how we can help your organization tackle ECM-related projects.