Resolve Your Content Cloud Connector Issue By Changing ONE Word

Oracle WebCenter Sites (OWCS) 12c offers an OOTB connector with its PaaS Cloud counterpart, namely Oracle Content and Experience Cloud (OCEC). This feature is available from OWCS version onwards. This connector is accessible through the Administration pane under the Tree tab Content Cloud Admin. Navigate through this Tree tab and find the Console option to access the OCEC Edit Configuration screen. You may face a product issue here, especially in your JSK, as the system displays an unexpected empty white screen. In this blog, we will show you the root cause of this issue and how you can fix it by changing ONE simple word.


Here is the error found in sites.log when you try to access Edit Configuration through the Cloud Connector Admin console:


[2018-12-21T07:09:12.383+00:00] [wcsites] [ERROR] [] [oracle.wcsites.request] [tid: 149] [ecid: 0000MVFYFt5Fw0WFLznJ8A1S78os000006,0] Exception including resource /jsp/cs_deployed/integrations/ContentCloud/Admin/Configuration.jsp[[
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /jsp/cs_deployed/integrations/ContentCloud/Admin/Configuration.jsp (line: 695, column: 31) According to the TLD or the tag file, attribute key is mandatory for tag stream

[2018-12-21T07:09:12.384+00:00] [wcsites] [ERROR] [] [oracle.wcsites.jsp] [tid: 149] [ecid: 0000MVFYFt5Fw0WFLznJ8A1S78os000006,0] Exception calling include: [[
org.apache.jasper.JasperException tossed:
[2018-12-21T07:09:12.384+00:00] [wcsites] [ERROR] [] [oracle.wcsites.jsp] [tid: 149] [ecid: 0000MVFYFt5Fw0WFLznJ8A1S78os000006,0] Failure executing JSPintegrations/ContentCloud/Admin/Configuration
[2018-12-21T07:09:12.384+00:00] [wcsites] [ERROR] [] [oracle.wcsites] [tid: 149] [ecid: 0000MVFYFt5Fw0WFLznJ8A1S78os000006,0] Unable to evaluate element integrations/ContentCloud/Admin/Configuration

Root cause:

The root cause of this issue originates from the core element: integrations/ContentCloud/Admin/Configuration.jsp, when the product developer tries to assign a value to attribute “KEY” of xlat:stream tag.

Upon further investigation into the tag library descriptor files (TLDs), it is found that xlat.tld expects “key” (lowercase) as a mandatory attribute, as opposed to the “KEY” (uppercase) attribute used in the JSP tag.

Easy Solution:

1. Open Sites Explorer and navigate to Tables → ElementCatalog → integrations/ContentCloud/Admin and locate the Configuration.jsp file:

Inspired ECM Blog - Andrew Blackman - Resolve The Content Cloud Connector Issue By Changing This ONE Word

2. Open the Configuration.jsp file and locate the following line in the code:

<span class=”alert-color”>(<xlat:stream KEY=”dvin/UI/Admin/Disabled”/>)</span>

3. Replace this line with the following and save the file:

<span class=”alert-color”>(<xlat:stream key=”dvin/UI/Admin/Disabled”/>)</span>

4. Go to Administration → Content Cloud Admin → Console and the Edit Configuration form should now be available:

Inspired ECM Blog - Andrew Blackman - Resolve The Content Cloud Connector Issue By Changing This ONE Word

Now that we’ve cleared the hurdle of resolving this product-level integration issue, we can move on to OCEC configuration details and discuss how to successfully integrate OWCS to OCEC. Stay tuned for the next blog!

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