Quick WebCenter Tips – How to Modify the Session Timeout Period for Managed Servers


How to modify the timeout period for users logged into managed servers.


In this example, we modify the timeout period for WebCenter Content—

  1. From the WebLogic homepage, click Environment, then Servers.
  2. Click on the desired server (Ex. UCM_server1).
  3. Click on the Deployments tab.
  4. Expand Oracle Universal Content Management – Content Server.
  5. Click the /
  6. Click the Configuration tab.
  7. Set the session timeout value in seconds.
  8. Restart WebLogic and WCC.

Note: The configuration is stored in a file called Plan.xml. In a clustered environment, the Plan.xml file is only copied to a single node. In order for the configuration to occur on other nodes, the Plan.xml file will need to be copied to the other node(s) in the same directory.

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