Prevent Guest Users from Accessing the WebCenter Content Home or Search Pages

Out of the box, anonymous users can access the WebCenter Content search and home pages. However, this does not pose a risk so long as the guest role does not have any permissions to any content server groups.

To remove guest role access to these pages in their entirety, remove the read permission from the guest role in User Administration.

Users with the guest role will then be prompted to log in again with an account with adequate permissions when navigating to the search pages or home page of WCC.

Important Note: If WebCenter Content has been integrated with WebCenter Portal or Spaces, all users, including guest users are assigned to newly created groups PersonalSpacesRole and WebCenterSpacesUser. By default, these groups have read permissions to the Public group, therefore you would need to drop read access from each of these new groups. If Spaces or Portal links to content are meant to be accessed anonymously, access to the WCC home and search pages would not be able to be disabled.

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