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Let Inspired ECM assist with your organization’s on-premises application migration to the cloud.   Our team of certified consultants have extensive experience performing many migrations and lift and shifts to cloud-based Platform as a service (PaaS) providers, such as the Oracle Cloud and Box.com.  Our consultants have the specialized skillset and experience to make your cloud migration as smooth as possible, all with minimal downtime, all while your organization gains the flexibility, agility, and capital cost savings that these cloud-based services provide.


How we can help:

Is your organization exploring the features of the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud and considering a move from an on-premise WebCenter Content repository?


The consultants with Inspired ECM have extensive experience performing PaaS migrations and can assist, helping your organization navigate the pitfalls of migrating your metadata, security model, and content items to the Content and Experience Cloud.  In the marketplace, our team has worked with several organizations considering an ECM ‘hybrid cloud’ model, where certain content items reside in the cloud and other more private data is stored in the on-premises WebCenter environment; this gives an organization’s datacenter a ‘best of both worlds’ approach to hybrid content management.


Exploring the move from an on-premises WebCenter Portal environment to the Oracle PaaS WebCenter Portal Cloud service?


Inspired ECM can assist by making your portal migration as smoothly as possible to the WebCenter Portal Cloud service.    Inspired ECM consultants have performed many of these lift and shift migrations and have the experience to ensure that the required migration tasks for on-premises and cloud are completed successfully.


There are many considerations when migrating WebCenter Portal custom task flows and portlets to the WebCenter Portal Cloud Service.  Let our team relieve the burden of migrating shared assets, portlet and pagelet producers, and their metadata to the WebCenter Portal Cloud service.


Is your organization below the WebCenter Portal required portal version for a cloud migration?  Let Inspired ECM assist by performing the necessary upgrade in your on-premises environment first before undertaking your organization’s move to the Oracle cloud.


Looking to migrate from an on-premises access management environment to Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS)?


Let our consultants tackle the plethora of considerations when migrating your organization’s on-premises access management environment to Oracle IDCS.  We have performed countless access management migrations for a variety of customers in multiple industries and have the specialized skillset within Oracle IDCS to make your migration a success.


Looking to create a federation between your on-premise Oracle Access Manager (OAM) environment and the Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS)?


Inspired ECM consultants have performed this hybrid cloud-on-prem federation between on-premises authentication providers and IDCS for many customers, allowing your organization’s on-premises OAM to be the authoritative authentication source for both on-premises and cloud-based applications.


Is your organization looking to migrate from an on-premises Oracle SOA environment to the Oracle Cloud?


By leveraging our decades of experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle SOA, 

Inspired ECM consultants can help your organization navigate the confusion as to which Oracle PaaS product offering would be the best fit for your on-premises SOA applications.


SOA CS, OIC, ICS, Process Cloud, Visual Application Builder Service?  Inspired ECM can help your organization navigate through the jargon and ensure your SOA migration to the Oracle Cloud is a responding success.


Has your organization’s journey to the cloud involved considerations of all cloud offerings for Enterprise Content Management?


The consultants at Inspired ECM have recognized that many customers have been evaluating Box.com when exploring the cloud migration options from Oracle WebCenter Content.    Box.com offers a multitude of ECM in the cloud functionalities and features that are a great complement to the on-premises feature set of Oracle WebCenter Content.   At Inspired ECM, our consultants have performed many ECM migrations to the cloud and have helped several organizations realize the significant cost savings of the cloud.

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