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Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud Service

Learn More About Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud

It’s time to put your Enterprise Content Management system into the Cloud. 


The WebCenter Portal Cloud allows you to build an efficient portal cloud environment with ease. With the Portal Cloud, your enterprise can experience these benefits:


Agile and Secure Content Management – Your content will be stored in a central repository that can be accessed by those who were granted permissions.


Collaboration on the Go – Harness the collective spirit of your teams with the context-specific social network that encourages productivity.


Reduced IT Costs for Maximum Efficiency – More work doesn’t equate to more success. By letting Oracle do the maintenance, your organization can trust that applications support costs will be reduced. 


Our team of consultants will help you with this wonderful interface by utilizing these services:


•  Creating Oracle Database Cloud Service and Java Cloud Services instances

•  Installing and deploying WCPC

•  Performing patching of instances running in the Oracle Database Cloud Service and the Java Cloud Services

•  Recommending application scale-up or scale-down values, depending on server utilization

•  Creating and running WebCenter Portal deployment scripts for unattended installation

•  Providing assistance with Oracle WCPC Service provisioning

•  Planning and architecting a cloud solution and upgrading from an on-prem WebCenter application to Oracle WCPC

•  Building portal applications with Oracle WCPC

•  Performing an integration between Oracle WCPC Service and WebCenter Content

•  Integrating on-prem applications with Oracle WCPC


Operating in the Cloud is the next best move for your business growth. Schedule a consultation with Inspired ECM to get started.

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