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Oracle WebCenter Accounts Payable Automation

Demo of Oracle WebCenter Accounts Payable Automation

Is your business flourishing and in need of a better system for processing invoices and transactions? An integrated system that alleviates the hassle of verifying information without the risk of committing errors is what you need, and Oracle’s automation makes it all possible.

Oracle’s A/P automation easily provides solutions to the most dreaded problems in manual invoice processing. Migrating to this platform gives you access to these following features:

Multi-channel invoice processing – Connect all your invoicing sources in one seamless channel for management.

Advanced imaging verification – Record all invoices (digital or physical) in your database for easier monitoring and classification.

Forms Recognition – Instantly identify invoice sender and recipient for tracking.

Increased Efficiency, Reduced Costs – Eliminate expenses associated with manual processing and records storage while significantly improving productivity in your enterprise.

Transitioning from manual labor to automation takes time and effort, let the Inspired ECM team lift the burden with our services:

•  New WebCenter Accounts Payable Automation implementations

•  Upgrading the WebCenter Accounts Payable Automation system from 10g and 11g to 12c

•  Increasing the accuracy of invoice data extraction

•  Creating new OCR templates for recognizing different content types, i.e. Utility Statements and Bill of Lading

•  Customizing the AP solution to allow for department users to approve invoices up to a certain amount

•  Integrating the WebCenter Accounts Payable solution with EBS, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards

•  Migrating paper or digital invoices into the WebCenter Accounts Payable solution

•  Configuring high volume invoice scanning and email capture

•  Developing workflow rules for invoice processing exceptions

•  Building business approval rules for invoice amounts over a certain threshold

Make automation an integral part of your perpetually growing business. Schedule a consultation with Inspired ECM to get started.

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