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Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Learn More About Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Integrate your organization’s on-prem applications, business processes, and development into one cloud. Oracle Integration Cloud simplifies application integrations and process automation. 

Mobilize your methods with these features:

Automate Business Processes – Create structured or dynamic business processes that you can easily edit.

Streamline Sales Processes – Synchronize SalesForce and Oracle Netsuite for smoother “closed and won” transactions.

Orchestrate Data to Your ERP Cloud – Execute business processes and long-running activities with ease.

Our experienced Inspired ECM consultants assist global clients with the following Oracle Integration Cloud Service business requirements and challenges:

•  Automating manual business processes

•  Creating forms-driven workflows with human tasks

•  Customizing and integrating various cloud-based services and applications

•  Extending SAAS and PAAS applications and integrating between them

No matter what kind of integration model you have today, Oracle Integration Cloud is always ready to supercharge your business. Schedule a consultation with Inspired ECM to get started.

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