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Learn More About Oracle Identity Management

Secure user identities inside and out of the firewall, giving users and developers alike reassurances that their information doesn’t get placed in the wrong hands. With Oracle’s award-winning Identity Management system, information is mutually beneficial to both entities at reduced labor costs.

Users get the most benefits with highly insightful features:

Faster Deployment – Enabling new applications to use the existing infrastructure to provision user accounts and privileges. 

Automated Application Provisioning – Easily manage user privileges and access. 

Single Sign-On Solutions – Provide an integrated method of authentication for all users.

Convenient Administration – Delegate responsibilities and make changes securely.

Manage your user database without with ease with our team providing services such as:

•  Installation of an Identity Governance environment, Directory Servers, Oracle Identity Management and Oracle Access Management

•  In place and side-by-side upgrades from 10g and 11g to 12c.

•  Configuring policies for user lifecycle management, application security lifecycle, audit and compliance

•  Setting up access controls based on business requirements, which includes custom access exclusion and inclusion policies

•  Enabling single sign-on for diverse applications and devices

•  Setting up automated workflows for users, applications, entity-based functions, approvals and certifications

•  Managing the bulk loading of users, groups, and roles from external identity stores and managing these entities from Oracle Identity Manager

Security is king when it comes to accessing information. Increase your leverage today by implementing Oracle Identity Management with Inspired ECM.

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