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Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Learn More About Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Your next-generation security and identity platform. Provide team members and customers hybrid identity features across cloud services while providing a seamless user experience.

Access your organization’s core identity and management capabilities through a fully integrated, multi-tenant cloud platform. With IDCS, we address typical use-case scenarios such as the cloud, mobile access, employee-facing intranet, and customer-facing extranet solutions.

Key benefits of using IDCS:

•  Improved business responsiveness – Increase user productivity through immediate access to key applications and systems.

•  Enhanced User Productivity and Experience – IDCS provides self-service and SSO capabilities.

•  Hybrid Multi-Channel Access – One-click access available for on-prem and cloud-based services. One-click management is available for your organization’s users through an easy-to-use self-service interface across all on-prem and cloud applications.

•  Simplified IT and Reduced Costs – Leverages existing directory infrastructure and extending to SaaS. No upgrades, no maintenance.

Inspired ECM can help you implement IDCS for your organization by:

•  Recommending application scale-up or scale-down values depending on server utilization

•  Working with IDCS to manage identities on-premise as well as in the cloud

•  Configuring single sign-on for cloud and on-prem applications using IDCS

Build your employee and customer trust with Oracle Identity Cloud Service. Schedule a consultation with Inspired ECM to get started.

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