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Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

Learn More About Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

The path to effective collaboration starts here. Working hand-in-hand or across the world, Oracle CEC gets the job done anytime and anywhere.


Oracle CEC is a powerful content management hub that boasts a wide array of features that clients and customers can enjoy:

Business-friendly Site Builder – Access a simple interface that produces stunning web content in an instant.

Mobile Capacity – Never miss important business updates and responsibilities with Android and iOS compatibility.

One Platform for all Channels – Use Oracle CEC to manage content for all your assets.

Seamless Integration – Utilize other Oracle Cloud services with pre-built integrations.


Our experienced Inspired ECM consultants assist global clients with the following Oracle CEC business requirements and challenges:

•  Planning and implementing a cloud solution and upgrading from an on-prem WebCenter application to Oracle CEC

•  Recommending application scale up or scale down values, depending on server utilization

•  Configuring the Oracle CEC to integrate with an on-prem WebCenter Content installation

•  Performing an integration with the Oracle Process Cloud

•  Creating Sites in Oracle CEC

•  Embedding CEC features in other Oracle Cloud applications (i.e. Oracle Sales Cloud)

•  Installation and modification of templates within Oracle CEC

•  Integrating an on-premise WebCenter Enterprise Capture and WebCenter Forms Recognition environment with Oracle CEC


Provide the best content hub for your enterprise to supercharge your outputs. Schedule a consultation with Inspired ECM to get started.

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