Oracle Certifies Current WebCenter Stack with Oracle Database 18c/19c

Oracle has recently announced that WebCenter and are now compatible with
Oracle Database 18c/19c. Oracle Database 19c is the next long-term support database offered by
Oracle. As many customers know, Oracle upgrades become necessary to maintain support for your
existing products and keep lower Oracle Support costs.

Over the past couple of years, Oracle has made a large push to include containerized support for their
WebCenter line of products. They have developed container-friendly and scalable modules such as the
Remote WebLogic Console, WebLogic Monitoring Exporter, and clusterable WebCenter Container
that support new integrations such ElasticSearch. Oracle Database 19c comes with a slew of new
enhancements for running containerized databases with high availability. While we will not delve into
the long list of enhancements in this area, a comprehensive list can be found here.

Another important thing to note is that OCI’s Autonomous Database runs using 19c. In another article,
we covered the benefits of using Autonomous database, particularly for clients with large repositories of
content that require high uptime. OCI’s Autonomous Database eases the burden of a multitude of error-
prone and monotonous DBA tasks and refocuses their work effort towards company innovation.

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