OCE Now Offers Intelligent Content Categorization

Metadata & Taxonomy

As a part of every Content Management System (CMS), users, when checking in content, define content item attributes (metadata) before submitting the item. Examples of metadata include the content author, content item title, publishing date, etc. Each metadata item then assists in defining the taxonomy of an object. Taxonomy within content management refers to the categorization of content.  Generally, application administrators define content triggers based upon metadata. These triggers may assist in categorizing the content, triggering a workflow, etc. For example, a user uploads an I-9 employment application, then defines relevant metadata. A metadata field may then trigger that this document be classified as an HR document within the business’s defined taxonomy hierarchy.

How OCE Assists with Categorization

Defining content metadata with every new content item is a tedious process. Over time, organizations can spend thousands of hours effectively categorizing their content. Oracle Content and Experience Cloud now offers AI-assisted categorization. Already categorized content is scanned by an AI algorithm. When checking in new content, OCE now recommends content categories to the user to effectively classify the content.

Why Content Categorization is Important

Large organizations can often invest millions into ECM/CMS applications; however, these applications only prove as effective as the organization’s defined metadata and taxonomy model. If users cannot easily locate categorized documents, user experience and efficiency drop dramatically.

Having a system that recommends tags and content categories proves effective in assisting users locate content by creating a restricted vocabulary for users to search against. Specific terms generally prove more relevant to workers based upon their job within the company. Users can easily target a few specific terms when performing searches rather than performing multiple searches against the overall taxonomy model.

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