New Client for WebCenter Content Admin Applets

With a patch released in October 2020 by Oracle, WebCenter Content now has a desktop client capable of connecting to multiple WCC instances.

How to get the client:

  • WebCenter Content will need to be patched with the Oct 2020 patch (or a patch that supersedes it).

  • OPatch will need to be at least version to patch with the Oct 2020 patch.

Once your environment is patched, simply head to Admin Applets in the WCC Web UI. There will be a new item on the left side of the screen to download the WCC Admin Applet desktop client.

For instructions on installing the client on Mac/Linux:

Using the Client:

Simply launch the applet from WCC or your desktop. Enter your login credentials and enter the URL for the WCC instance you want to connect to.

Currently Archiver, Configuration Manager, Content Categorizer Administration, Data Engine Control Center, PDF Watermark Administration, Repository Manager, User Admin, Web Layout Editor, and Workflow Admin can be accessed via the desktop client. The Batch Loader, Component Wizard, System Properties, and Content Server Analyzer utilities cannot be accessed via the desktop client.

Benefits of using the Admin Applet Client:

  • No more being blocked from running the apps via browser with the message that Java is out of date.
  • No need to download the applets every time they are run.
  • No more browser compatibility issues.