Is your organization running Stellent or Oracle UCM and looking to perform a content server migration? There are many, many things to consider when migrating from Stellent / Oracle UCM or upgrading to the latest version of Oracle WebCenter Content. The team with Inspired ECM has performed many of these migrations and these questions are always at the top of our list:

  • What version is the Stellent or Oracle UCM source system?
  • What is the destination system (SharePoint, OCE,, etc.)?
  • If the destination system is the latest version of WebCenter Content does it make sense to perform a side-by-side or in-place upgrade?
  • How many content items are stored in the repository?
  • How much space is being utilized for content storage?
  • What type of storage is being used, database or file system?

At Inspired ECM, we have developed a Stellent Migration Accelerator that can rapidly speed up your organization’s Content Server migration or upgrade. Our migration accelerator allows the ability to restructure and reclassify content before and during the migration process to allow for maximum flexibility.  Contact us today to learn more about the Inspired ECM Content Migration accelerator and how our team can turbocharge your migration or upgrade!