How to Use WebCenter Content Admin Applets from the Command Line



  1. Ensure WebLogic and WebCenter Content are up and running.
  2. Navigate to the WebLogic Administration Console in browser and log in.
  3. Click on Data Sources under Services.
  4. Click on CSDS in the table then click on the Connection Pool tab.
  5. Copy the contents of the URL field that contains the database connection string. Save this connection string for the next steps.
  6. Note the user in the Properties box (This is the WebCenter Content schema).
  7. Navigate to the bin directory for the content server instance:

UNIX Path: DomainHome/ucm/cs/bin

Windows Path: DomainHome\ucm\cs\bin

  • Launch the SystemProperties file.

UNIX Command: ./SystemProperties

  • Navigate to the Database tab.

Note: Database Driver Classpath and JDBC Driver Name are not required fields.

  1. Select the applicable driver (For Oracle Database, select Oracle Thin JDBC Driver).
  2. For the JDBC Connection String, paste the contents obtained from the URL field in the WebLogic Administration Console earlier.

Note: For Databases other than Oracle, you may be required to reformat the Connection String:

For Microsoft SQL Server, select DataDirect SQL Server JDBC Driver, and enter a connection string of this form:


For IBM DB2, select DataDirect DB2 JDBC Driver, and enter a connection string of this form:


  • Enter the JDBC Username/Password. The JDBC User Name is the WebCenter Content schema seen in the Properties box in WebLogic earlier.
  • Click OK.
  • Restart WebCenter Content.
  • From the same directory as the SystemProperties file (DomainHome/ucm/cs/bin), launch an Admin Applet (Ex. Archiver).
  • You will be prompted for a username/password. Enter the credentials for the WCC sysadmin user.
  • The admin applet will now launch.