How to Replicate (Migrate) Framework Folders from One WebCenter Content (WCC) Server to Another

Replicating (Migrating) the folder structure for Framework Folders from one server to another is accomplished by using Archiver to replicate the necessary tables.

In Archiver, to replicate the folder structure only, export/import these tables:

  • FolderFolders
  • FolderMetaDefaults (In some versions, this table is called FrameworkFoldersMetaDefaults  (eg.

To replicate content also, include this table:

  • FolderFiles

When configuring the Archive to export, include the Framework Folders tables: (NOTE: for transfer to another server set the transfer destination)

  • Navigate to the “Export Data” tab
  • Click on the “Table” tab
  • Click “Add” and include the following tables: FolderFolders, FolderFiles, FolderMetaDefaults (or FrameworkFoldersMetaDefaults)
  • Confirm Batch Files were created. 

NOTE: If the tables are not available for selection, verify that they have been added to the content schema in Configuration Manager on the Tables Tab.

NOTE: By default all files/content will also be archived. If you only want to export the Folder structure, then add a dummy condition to the Export Query under the “Content” tab (e.g. where Content ID is -1)

Documentation for steps on how to add a table to an archive:

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