How To Fix 4 Common OIM Active Directory Connector Issues

After completing the Active Directory Connector installation on Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), if you execute the “Active Directory Group Lookup Recon” the “Active Directory Org Lookup Recon” is executed. Depending on the configuration done, one of the following scenarios could be encountered:

1. Active Directory Connector Server not installed

Error message: (org.IdentityConnectors.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryConnectors) not found

When you’re first installing the OIM AD connector, this could be the initial set of error issues that you will see post-installation. Administrators might have missed the step of installing the connector server on the AD host machine or missed unpacking the AD Connector locale bundle under the connector server home directory. If this step gets missed, and the scheduled job for Group Lookup Recon or Org Lookup Recon is executed, the following error appears:

2. AD Connector Configuration using the wrong Connector Server Name

Error message: oracle.iam.connectors.icfcommon.exceptions.OIMException: oracle.iam.connectors.icfcommon.exceptions.OIMException: Invalid IT Resource Name [Connector]

AD Connector Server IT Resource is configured on OIM under IT Resources and the name provided there should be used for the following AD IT Resource: Connector Server Name. If there is a mismatch in the name provided, the aforementioned error appears when running the Lookup scheduled jobs:

3. AD Connector configuration set with Incorrect Connector Server password

Error message: Remote Framework key is invalid

Post-installation of the Connector server on the AD host machine, it needs to be set up with a key for the connector to communicate with it. When the same key is entered in the Connector configuration page, the scheduled job execution shows this error:

How to solve this issue:
  1. Verify the password set in the connector matches the one set on the connector server.
  2. After setting the password on connector server, restart it.

4. AD Connector configuration set with AD user in wrong format

Error message: Unable to get Directory Entry

Connector configuration on OIM needs the AD administrative user credential to be able to look up the designated roles and organizations when respective scheduled jobs are executed. For this, the AD user format to be used is: /. For example: oim/Administrator

There might be a case where the user is provided with the assumption that it would be similar to how the administrator user is provided for the security realm on WLS, namely: cn=Administrator,dc=domain,dc=com

When the incorrect format for the AD user name is provided, the error message listed above is seen while executing the Active Directory scheduled jobs.

These are some of the most common issues that can be encountered while setting up the AD connector in Oracle Identity Manager. The solutions provided in this blog will help fix these issues and set up a working OIM environment with AD as the target.

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