How to Find the Current Patch Details of Your WebCenter Sites Installation

This blog discusses a couple of ways to locate the current patch details of your WebCenter Sites installation.

Approach #1

  1. Hit the HelloCS Servlet at http://<hostname>:<port>/<context>/HelloCS
  2. Locate the most recent “Build Date” and note the “Revision” number (as highlighted in the below screenshot)

Approach #2

  1. Login to WebCenter Sites and open the Admin UI
  2. Navigate to the Admin tab – System Tools – System Information – Sites Info
  3. Click on the “Jar Versions” checkbox and then the “Show Results” button
  4. Note “sites-cs.jar” and/or “sites-app.jar” build and revision numbers, incase of 12c version
  5. Note “cs.jar” and/or “xcelerate.jar” build and revision numbers, incase of 11g version

Once you have the build and revision numbers gathered through either of the approaches, the corresponding patch number can be found here –

If you do not have Oracle’s support identifier, please reach us at [email protected] and we will respond to you in less than 24 hours. Feel free to reach out.