How To Find Details For FMW Application In WLS Console

The most important details for any application are the environment details where the application is installed, deployed, memory provided, platform, etc. In many cases, this information has to be collected when the applications are showing performance-related issues like low throughput, application crashes, slow user experience, etc. Read this blog to discover exactly how you can collect this information in 6 steps without using the command line or the application itself, in case those are ever shutdown or not accessible.

WLS Console can be used to collect all the information related to the deployed application and it can be used when the application itself is down for any reason.

Here the steps to get the details you need:

1. Login to WLS console and navigate to server name from Servers – <name of the server>

<name of server> could be oim_server1 , soa_server1 , UCM_server1 etc.

2. Select the specific server and navigate to Monitoring tab.

3. The general tab shows the basic information like MW Home, WLS Home, Platform, OS, etc.

4. The Performance tab shows the JVM related information like peak memory usage, assigned memory, etc.

You can generate Garbage Collect and Heap Dumps from this section.

5. The Threads tab lists and gives information related to all the thread activity for the application.

You can generate a thread dump from this section.

6. JDBC tab shows information for all the data sources associated with the managed server and its related information.

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