How to Connect WebCenter Enterprise Capture Import Processor to Office 365

From a recent patch released by Oracle, WebCenter Enterprise Capture (versions and import processor provider jobs are now compatible with OAuth authentication from Microsoft Exchange Web Services. In this guide, we will explain OAuth and how to set up a WebCenter Enterprise Capture import processor email provider using Microsoft Exchange Web Services.

What is OAuth?

OAuth, or Open Authorization, is a standard authorization framework for token-based authentication on the internet. OAuth enables an end user’s account information to be used by third-party services (i.e., Facebook, Google, etc.) without exposing a user’s account credentials to the third party. With WebCenter Enterprise Capture, providing this “access token” effectively allows Capture to access protected resources (emails) from Microsoft Exchange Web Services.

Steps to Configure Import Processor Job from Exchange Web Services:

1. Navigate to and sign in to obtain the WEC patch for OAuth authentication with Office 365. Select the correct patch for your WEC version and apply it to your environment with OPatch.

Important note: Ensure that the admin server, node manager, and all managed servers are shut down before patching.

2. Once the environment has been patched, Capture will now have additional fields to configure an import job with Exchange Online (when the import source is set as email under general settings).

3. Next, an application registration will need to be built in Azure Portal. From here, API permissions will need to be granted to access Exchange Web Services (EWS) along with adding an App Scope. Instructions for building an app registration in Azure can be found here:

Additionally, Oracle has provided steps on configuring an Office 365 import processor job here:

4. As seen in the above screenshot, you will need the following items from Azure:

  • App Client ID
  • App Client Secret (If applicable)
  • App Tenant ID
  • App Scope