How to Configure Oracle SOA Human Workflow with WebCenter Content

Oracle SOA Human Workflow has a feature to integrate Human Task attachments to be stored in UCM. In this guide, we will be showing you how to store HWF attachments in WCC.


  • Both UCM and SOA are installed and a domain with both UCM and SOA servers has been created.
  • A HWF Project available to integrate with UCM.

Step #1: Enable ‘Use Document Package’ for UCM Integration in Task File

  1. Open the HWF Task (.task file) in JDeveloper.
  2. Navigate to the Documents section and check the “Use Document Package” checkbox.
  3. Save changes.
  4. Recreate the task form for the UCM changes to get into the Task ADF Form.

Step #2: Configure UCM URL in SOA

  1. Login to the EM console.
  2. Right click soa-infra → SOA Administration → Workflow config → “More Workflow Notification Configuration Properties” → Workflow config → human-workflow
  3. Set the UcmIdcUrl to the UCM server hostname/port.

Step #3: Configure Credentials for SOA to Connect to UCM

  1. Login to EM console.
  2. Right click on your domain in WebLogic Domain → yourdomain (right click) → Security → Credentials.
  3. Create a new Map WF-ADMIN-USER and in that map create a new Key WF-ADMIN-CREDENTIAL.
  4. For our configuration, we use the default weblogic user.

Step #4: Configure UCM to Accept Connection from SOA

  1. Login into EM Console
  2. Navigate WebCenter → Content → Content server → Oracle universal Content Mananagement – Content Server (right click) → Configuration
  3. Verify the IP and port numbers are configured correctly

Step 5: Verify UCM is Recognized by Human Workflow

  1. Restart both SOA and UCM servers after the above configuration
  2. Login into Worklist console and open a task
  3. Click “+” sign on the attachment section to add an attachment and check whether it shows UCM option. If the UCM Option is shown, then configuration is good. If not, then there is a problem with the previous configuration.

Step #6: Upload a Document into UCM

  1. In the above section select “Upload file to UCM”
  2. Select the type of the document
  3. Select an Account which gets populated from UCM.
  4. Select the security group used to upload.
  5. Select “ok”.

Step #7: Verify the Attachment in UCM

  1. Login into UCM (host:port/cs)
  2. Expand Browse content → Library → What’s New
  3. This page shows the document uploaded from Human workflow.

A sample UCM Configured Worklist app can be downloaded here.

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