Finding & Fixing Data Integrity Issues with the WebCenter Content Server Analyzer


Out of the box, WebCenter Content comes packaged with a tool that assists administrators in deeming the integrity of content server repository components, including the file system, database, and search index. It also assists in fixing some of the issues found with the components.

The WebCenter Content Server Analyzer provides the following features:

  • Confirm the accuracy of synchronization between three important Content Server database tables (Revisions, Documents, and DocMeta).
  • Confirm that the dRevClassID and dDocName fields are consistent across all revisions of content items.
  • Determine if the file system (native and web-viewable file repositories) contains any duplicate or missing files.
  • Ensure the accuracy of synchronization between the search index and the file system.
  • Ensure the accuracy of synchronization between the search index and the Revisions database table.
  • Ensure that the file system contains all necessary files.
  • Remove duplicate files from the Content Server repository either permanently or provisionally by moving them in to the logs/ directory.
  • Produce a general report on the state of content items in the Content Server repository.

Launching the Utility:

  • The utility is found in the <Middleware_Home>/user_projects/domains/wcc_domain/ucm/cs/bin directory.
  • ./IdcAnalyze -g

Additional launch options:

-g Use the graphical interface

-doall – Does all checks on database and search index

-dbcheck Checks the integrity of the database columns

-norevclass – Disables the dRevClassID and dDocName consistency check

-clean – Removes inconsistent rows from the database.

-filesystem – Checks the file system integrity

-index – checks the search collection integrity

-cleanindex – Cleans errors found with -index

-range Specify the range to check ( dID:dID or {date}:{date} )

-nolog – Turns off logging

-report – Generate a report

-quiet – suppress output

-help – Brings up the help page

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