Enabling WebCenter Imaging’s Non-Java-Based Unified Viewer

As browser restrictions relating to Java are increasing across the enterprise level, Oracle has introduced a new Unified Viewer for Imaging that does not require Java and has the functionality of the Basic and Advanced Viewer in one.

The new Java-less Unified Viewer was released as of January 2021; therefore your environment will need to be patched with the January 2021 WebCenter Content Bundle Patch (Patch #32169495) or later.

How to Configure:

  1. Ensure your environment is at least at the minimum patch level listed above.

cd <Middleware_Home>/OPatch/

./opatch -lsinventory

2. Login to Enterprise Manager (hostname:7001/em)

3. Click on Weblogic Domain.

4. Under the domain name, right click on the Imaging server name (IPM_server1), then select System MBean Browser.

5. Expand oracle.imaging within the Application defined MBeans.

6. Expand server: IPM_server1 (or the applicable server name).

7. Expand config.

8. Click on config.

9. Locate the MBean ViewerAdfByDefault and set value to True.

10. Select Apply.

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