Enabling the Sysadmin User in WebCenter Content

What is the Purpose of the Sysadmin User?—

In WebCenter Content 11g/12c, user authentication is generally managed at the WebLogic Server level, where most enterprises take advantage of the LDAP integration features for user and group management.

By default, WebCenter Content comes pre-configured with a local user called ‘sysadmin.’ This account can be used to run the stand-alone WCC applications on the file system. This is due to the database connection string being managed in the System Properties admin applet and the stand-alone Java applets utilizing local content server security for authentication. Out of the box, this user’s password is a random encrypted string that must be updated using the User Admin applet in WCC.

How to Set the Password for Sysadmin—

  1. Log into WebCenter Content as an administrative user.
  2. Navigate to the Administration tab → Admin Applets
  3. Launch User Manager
  4. Select the ‘sysadmin’ user and click Edit.
  5. Update the password and click OK.