Contributing Content to the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud from WebCenter Enterprise Capture

Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture is an enterprise-class imaging platform. One of the incredible features is that it can integrate with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud. This enables teams to create and collaborate on content as well as build rich web experiences.

Both internal and external teams can work together effectively to streamline content operations. Collaboration can take place from both desktop and mobile devices using client applications that users can install locally. Users can work offline and synchronize changes with the cloud environment.

Scanned, emailed, or file system based content can be contributed directly from Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture to the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud. After the document source is determined, a commit profile can be created within a Capture workspace to upload the content directly to the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud.

How to create a Commit Profile:

  • Select the workspace that will contribute content to the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud.
  • Navigate to Commit.
  • Click the ‘+’ Sign.
  • Name the commit profile. We used ‘OCEC’.
  • Select the ‘Oracle Documents Cloud Service’.
  • Select the desired document output format.
  • Select the document profile that would be used for these content item.
  • Pick a date format for the content that would be committed with this commit profile.

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

  • Next > Enter the username, password and OCEC server URL and select Login.

oracle webcenter enterprise capture

  • Once Logged in, you can specify which OCEC Document Folder will be used, how the file will be named, and the metadata that has been captured at index time describing the content item.
  • Check the Document Output Settings and Attachment Output Settings for the OCR Language (if you have selected searchable PDF as the output format).
  • Select Submit.
  • Run a test through WEC to double check that the settings are correct and your content item is written out correctly to the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud.

If your organization is looking for Oracle Cloud or Oracle WebCenter assistance or resources, please contact us and the Oracle certified consultants with Inspired ECM will be more than happy to help.