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Let Inspired ECM assist with your organization’s content migration project.   Our certified consultants have decades of experience migrating content between content management systems, and our team has developed custom tools and accelerators to streamline the content migration process.  Our consultants have the specialized skillset and experience to make your content migration as smooth as possible, all with minimal downtime.


How we can help:


Is your organization looking to migrate content from WebCenter Content to either another on-premises Enterprise Content Management platform or a cloud-based Content Management provider?


At Inspired ECM, we have the specialized experience with content migrations and know the indexing pitfalls that migrating large volumes of content can potentially create.    Our team has performed many content migrations between content management systems over the years, and we have been tasked with content migrations (into the 10s of millions of content items).   As part of these engagements, our team has created in-house custom tools and applications to turbo charge content migrations.


Is your organization looking to save on the licensing of your Enterprise Content Management environment?   If your organization is only using a small subset of the features of ECM, then cloud-based object-based storage is a great cost-efficient solution.


At Inspired ECM, our team helps clients with large Enterprise Content Management repositories by evaluating cloud-based object storage as a replacement for their ECM systems.   Customers looking at AWS S3 object-based storage can store metadata about content in AWS Dynamo DB, apply lifecycle retention policies, and gain discounts on their archive-based content storage using S3 glacier.  The AWS-certified consultants at Inspired ECM can happily assist your organization in evaluating all the ECM features that cloud-based object storage can provide, while comparing the cost savings of moving from a licensed ECM system.

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