Checking the Health of the OracleTextSearch Index

OracleTextSearch is the most comprehensive search index offered by WebCenter Content. Over time, and for various reasons the OTS index can become corrupted. The script provided (below) outputs an overview of the health of your OTS index. Deeming the health of your OTS index is useful in determining whether an index rebuild is required or not.

Requirements: Database Access as SYSDBA

Disclaimer: This script has been tested internally, however there is no guarantee this script will work for your environment. It is recommended to run this script against your lower environments first.

  1. Log into the database using SQL Plus.
  2. Connect as SYSDBA user.
  3. Copy the contents (below) into Notepad, save as srdc_text_healthcheck.sql
  4. SQL> connect / as sysdba

SQL> @srdc_text_healthcheck.sql

SQL> exit

5. The script generates a spool file in .htm format that is named SRDC_TEXT_HEALTH_CHECK_<INSTANCE_NAME>_<SYSDATE>.htm


Example Output

Is your OTS index corrupted but your organization is afraid to hit the rebuild button, fearing it would affect your Content Server’s performance for a long period of time? Contact Inspired ECM to learn how we can offload your Content Server’s indexing to new technologies in the WebCenter sphere such as ElasticSearch.