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Is your organization currently using platform or thinking about moving from an on-prem ECM system to a cloud-based Content Management repository?   The Inspired ECM team has decades of experience with these types of migrations between Enterprise Content Management systems and we have a proven track record of success.   We have migrated on-prem systems with millions upon millions of content items to cloud based content management platforms helping our customers and clients save on on-premises licensing costs as well as the capital expenditure required for hardware and data center operations.

Let the team with Inspired ECM do the heavy lifting and make your lift and shift to the cloud as painless as possible.

How we can help…

•  Working hand-in-hand with your organization at every step of the way to make the transition to the cloud as seamless as possible.

•  Helping to alleviate security concerns your organization may have with using Cloud based Content Management services and taking the time to discuss all the security features provided by the Box platform.

•  Designing metadata and security models that not only accommodate your on-prem systems but take advantage of the new collaboration features of

•  Migrating content from on-prem systems to across the Internet or using the Shuttle.

•  Migrating workflows from your on-premise ECM system to Box Relay.

•  Integrate with business applications such as Microsoft 365, Slack, and DocuSign.

•  Configuring the integration adapter for Oracle Cloud.

•  Inspired ECM’s team of developers can re-code and retrofit your existing content centric workflows and on-prem Integration Points with

Let Inspired ECM turbocharge your ECM Cloud Migration project to the platform and help your organization realize the security, scalability, agility and significant cost savings of the cloud platform.

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